Friday, March 14, 2008

You are outa there

While the iPhone SDK was downloaded about a million times (or about a tenth of that, depending on if you are looking for accuracy or purple), it was only stage one in being able to develop programs for the iPhone and get them accepted into Apple's so-new-as-to-not-yet-exist app store

No, in order to sell your wares (fish'eads; fish'eads, get 'em while they're 'ot!), you needed to pay $99 to become part of the developer program. 

Turns out, says the Unofficial Apple Weblog, that would-be developers are starting to get rejection letters. Thanks, but no thanks, we don't want your stinking money. And it's not just the 13-year-old boys who are getting the letters, either. Nope, even real, honest-to-goodness companies are getting rejected, too, though nobody is quite sure why, yet. 

Canadians will be glad to note that they can't participate in this, either. Not just because the iPhone isn't available in Canada, but because all developers outside the US are being rejected. 

Boy, gives you the warm fuzzies and makes you glad to be Canadian, don't it?

Update: Gruber doesn't think it is a rejection letter, just a poorly phrased "we're swamped."Still waiting for the official ruling....

Of course, props to TUAW for catching this one. 


Adam said...

One of the many things to frustrate Canadians about cell phone service in this country. Oh how I wish for Verizon or the like to come in and take over. I have a Razr I was given as a gift and I never use it because the rates in this country are terrible; and that's just for voice. You want data; that'll cost you an arm and probably both legs. Sad too as I am both a developer and an Apple product plugger. Still have yet to own a Mac but that gonna change next month, yay! I would love to own an iPhone what a great way to stay organized and always have access to the Internet. That browser in the commercials is just amazing. Oh well... I'm sure at some point the CRTC will get a spine and do something about the 4 major communications monopolies in this country.

MaCanuck said...

Oooh. First comment. Ever. Yay!

I'm not sure if the CRTC is the solution, or the problem, though. Which is not just a set up for an opposing viewpoint, I mean I'm really not sure.

The sense that I get is that they are doing it old skool, and they're not interested in new ideas. They are there to protect and

I'm not sure, in the case of the Apple store vs the Canadian people, for instance, that it is Apple that is the hold-up for getting movies into Canada. I'm sure they want to get more content into the store (which means more stuff to sell). It could be the movie companies or it could be the CRTC.

Anyway. I'd love to see something come in and shake up the cell phone industry. Though I'm not sure Verizon is the savior, or if it would just give us a fifth company to complain about.

The rumour that I've heard is that it is more likely going to be T-Mobile who comes to Canada, but we'll have to see what happens. There was a rumour that Apple was going to become its own carrier down in the States. I wouldn't mind if that were to come to fruition here.....