Thursday, March 13, 2008

18 Absolutely Unique? What does that make the rest of you?

Okay, I know this is going to wear real thin, real fast, and in a month, I am not going to care, but this is my first time playing around with Google Anylitics. 

It tells me I had 27 vistors, but 18 absolute unique visitors. What does that make the other nine? Copycats? Hanger ons? Wannabees? Still sounding too much like the Hip? 

Edit: Ah. I see. Some of you came back. One of you even came back, like, six times. You sir (or madam, I guess) are my hero. 

Unless of course, that was me when I wasn't logged in. Hmm. Never mind. 


Michael said...

Hi there. I bet I was the guy that showed as coming back 6 times.
I have google news setup to send me an email when Tumbler Ridge is mentioned.

So keep that TR name dropping going in the blogs to help geenrate traffic ;-)

Michael said...

Just wondering if there was a way to show how many are coming from the Google news redirects?