Saturday, March 15, 2008

Phone issues

So, more news round the Canadian cell phone industry:

The government is auctioning off spectrum for cell phone providers. And, they are holding 40% of that in reserve, not allowing Telus, Rogers or Bell to bid on it. That opens things up to new cell phone providers. 

I've already mentioned rumours of T-Mobile, but here's some recent news.

A backgrounder on the auction. 

Quebecor Inc says it is making a bid to be a fifth national carrier

Of course, the most exciting part of this, from an Apple POV, is that there is an emphasis of GSM in this auction. I haven't found the official form yet, but it sounds like preference will be given to, or applicants must use, GSM. Which means that the iPhone may not be that far behind 

Except, of course, for me. Still. And forever. Until I move. 

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