Monday, March 24, 2008

It was seven years ago today...

...that OSX came out. I bought a G4 a few months later, and it came with the OSX disk, but I was used to OS9, and had no desire to switch, thank you very much, until I knew it worked. It wasn't until 10.2 was released a year and a half later that I made the switch.

And what a switch it was. The computer ran faster, it was more stable. Sure, none of my old programs would work (and I still haven't gone back to some, like Filemaker, though Bento looks tempting), but it was an amazing user experience. 

I was a little stupid back then. But then, 10.0 had a rather famous list of foibles, and that's what I saw, not the benefits. Not the things that were better. Just what was wrong. But I missed what was so right for nearly two years. 

I still have that old G4, though it runs Tiger these days. My new laptop runs Leopard, and I am quite happy with it. OSX has served me well over the last five years, and it, probably more than anything, has reinvigorated the Mac market. At least from this user's perspective. 

So raise a glass in celebration of your favourite OS's birthday. Salut.

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