Thursday, March 27, 2008

Over my head I hear Xcode in the air

My experience coding ended with Apple Basic (but boy, I could make the screen fill with any text you want), so a recent episode of MacBreakTech (hello, world) completely bamboozled me. Normally, I can stick with them for most of the discussion, and parse the things I don't understand from the things I do understand.

This episode? Not a word. 

However, I just stumbled across an e-Book (a fre-eBook, even) on how to learn Xcode. It's called Become and Xcoder, and it is my entrance into the glamourous world of Xcoding. I can see it now. The groupies. The all night parties. The groupies. The reserved room at the Betty Ford clinic....

Or else I'll look at it, scratch my head, and have to pursue my dreams of the programmer's lifestyle by becoming a rock star

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