Tuesday, March 11, 2008

From Humble Beginnings

Hello, world. Welcome to MaCanuck, where I aim to bring you all the news that's fit to print about our favourite fruit. 

The idea is to offer a uniquely Canadian viewpoint on what's happening in the Mac community, or, failing that, to just offer my own personal views. I'm a Canadian, ergo, I bring a Canadian perspective to the table. 

This is the first stage in my cunning plan for world domination, or at least to appear on Macbreak Weekly as a honest-to-gosh pundit. Yes, I know, it's blogger. But as they say, from humble beginnings....

Last night, I sat up with a handful of folks at ehMac, watching the apple.ca store update for a few hours last night, waiting to see what sort of wonderful new product was going to show up this Tuesday. By one in the morning though, it was obvious that the store was offline for longer than normal (it came back up sometime after 5), so I went to bed, waiting to see what new magic goodies awaited us in the morning. 

It was observed that there is a new iPhone tab on the "Store is down" message, even though the iPhone isn't available in Canada (more on that, later). Does that mean it is coming? Or are they simply trying to tease us? It turns out it means they just don't have a Canadian-specific store is down message, and when the store came up, the tab went away.

After the store came back up (don't know when, as I was sound asleep; so sound that I slept in and got to work late), there was a flurry of speculation ("is that a new iMac?" "can't be, as it's the one I have"), but about the only thing new was a "New Badge" on the Mac Pro, although it doesn't appear to have changed since before. 

Steve Jobs is just messing with us Canadians again, I think....

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