Thursday, March 13, 2008

100,000 new apps and nothing to put them on....

The big news of the last few days? 100,000 downloads of the iPhone SDK.

Now, I'm not expecting everyone who downloaded it to build an app (there's probably more than a few gawkers, just wanting to see what the fuss is about), but still, isn't this a bit ridiculous? Is this what passes for news? Last week, a whole bunch of sites were doing live updates from Apple's iPhone SDK event. LIVE UPDATES. For an SDK. 

I don't see what the big deal is. 

Of course, if the iPhone were available in Canada, I'da been hitting refresh on the Engadget's live update every couple of minutes (or Macworld's, just like Andy did...), but until the iPhone comes to Canada, AND until Rogers or T-Mobile comes to Tumbler Ridge (or more likely, until there is a CDMA version of the iPhone), this whole thing is about as meaningful as the whole Obama/Clinton thing. It has no effect on my life. 

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