Sunday, May 4, 2008

Daily Reading: ten meellion dollars...I mean, songs.

iTunes had 10,000,000 songs there for a few days, but was downgraded to a mere 6,000,000 songs, according to this MacNN story. I'm willing to say typo, or rather, one department not communicating with another department.

As a consumer, they're trying to say they have a lot of music, but as a musician, I must say, that's pretty depressing. 6,000,000 is a fair number, and it's easy to get lost in. Not that we have anything on iTunes yet, but someday we will, and then what happens? You say write good songs, but most of my favourite musicians write great songs, but few people buy their stuff, either. 

Sigh. Anyway. I've gone and made myself all depressed. Hope you're happy. 

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