Tuesday, April 29, 2008



Today is the day I do it. 

Today is the day I go all covert, and game the iTunes library.


Because today is the day that The Greatest TV Show of All Time was put on iTunes. 

Did you try clicking on that link? If you were in the States, you would have been greeted by the sight of William Katt in a tight red outfit. 

If you, like me, are from Canada, you would have been greeted by this message: 

"Your request could not be completed.

The item you requested is not currently available in the Canadian Store, but is available in the US store. Click change store view to view this item."


Darn you, Steve Jobs, darn you CRTC. darn all of you that keeps me from being able to pay real money to watch the show. Darn you for making me have to game the system. 

What do you mean, buy the DVD? C'mon, stop undermining my arguments here. I thought you were on my side. Besides, every time I've tried to buy the DVD, it has not been in stock. 

(Truth be told, the greatest TV show of all times, Babylon 5, has been iTunes for a while. But GAH has been gnawing at the back of my skull for a couple years now, inviting me to revisit it, rewatch it. Relive it.)

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