Thursday, May 29, 2008

Music, music...

This has nothing to do with Apple news as such, though it is about something produced on a Mac (albiet a Mac running OS 9; I'm supposed to be helping the sound tech upgrade his system at his soonest possible convenience, but that has yet to come to pass).

A few weeks ago, my band went into the studio and laid down some tracks. Last night we went back to do a mixdown. While we're not quite finished, we got it to a point where it is ready for public consumption. And since there are at least two people who read this blog regularly, I thought you might be interested in hearing what I am doing with my life. And I fully expect a comment from MS to the effect that it sucks, but that's why I have moderation set on. 

Nonono. If you have music related comments, feel free to leave them. 

You can find out about the band, as well as listen to the two new songs (Something to See and Acappella Bone) at our Reverbnation page. 

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