Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Tip Tuesday: Sharing your internet connection

So, I'm not at home right now. For the last few days, I've been at a hotel with free wi-fi, but yesterday we went to visit friends.

Great people, but are not set up for three computers in the house. Fortunately, he was able to dig out an old router and a pair of ethernet cables, but that was still one cable too few.

But no problem. We plugged in the wife's laptop, turned on Internet sharing in the System Preferences (in Tiger, on her computer, it has it's own tab under Apple Menu:System Preferences:Sharing. In Leopard, it's just another check box in the list).

She's plugged in through ethernet, and sharing over airport. Once that was set up, all she had to do was go to her Airport menu (accessed by clicking the airport icon in the menu bar), and select create network. Voila, instant wireless network. 

It's not the most stable network I've ever used, but good enough to check email and whatnot. 

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