Thursday, May 29, 2008

Wireless Auction Begins

Yesterday, bidding started in the Wireless Spectrum Auction. This is a good thing, because part of the mandate with this auction is to open up a fair swack of the spectrum to someone who is not Telus, Bell or Rogers. 

For iPhone users-to-be, this is a good thing. While down the US and the UK there are exclusive carrier contracts, stories have been springing up from around the world that the iPhone will have multiple carriers in a variety of countries. 

Canada, of course, is not one of these countries. But not because Apple wants to go exclusive here, it's just that they have no choice. 

However, if a couple more players enter the game, they are going to put an end to Roger's monopoly on the GSM band, because that, too, is one of the rules for this auction. 

For those of you who are passionate about your wireless, or at least curious about what's happening, the best place to watch the action is at Wireless North, where they are providing a play-by-play description. 

For those of you who think watching Wireless Spectrum Auctions is about as much fun as watching paint dry, have no fear; you shall be updated on how this affects your life as Mac users. 

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