Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Fear! Fire! Foes!

So, last night as I was working on a post for this here blog, my MagSafe adaptor gave out a puff of smoke, and died. 

I'm only assuming that it is dead, cuz I didn't really feel like plugging it back in after yanking it out of my computer and unplugging it from the wall.

Now, the adaptor has been giving me issues in the past; the charge light had been flickering, and lately, when I'd plug it in, it wouldn't always start charging unless I got the cable just so.

I know. Get it fixed, you say. But when I called Apple support they said "bring it in to an authorized repair centre." (This is after my post about bringing it in to an Apple Store.)

However, while the nearest Authorized repair centre is not as far away as the nearest Apple Store, it is still three hours away and one province over. I was going to bring it in to get looked at next time I made the trek to Grande Prairie, but before I could go, the adaptor completely fried.

So, I called up Hi-Tech. They said "We can get that replaced for you. It will take three weeks."

Three weeks? Three weeks! This is my work computer. I can't have it go down for three weeks!

"We can rush that for you. It will only cost $49..."

Thanks, but no thanks. 

So I called up Apple again. Yes, I know my complimentary phone support has expired. It's a hardware issue I am calling about. 

So, after about an hour talking to Apple, they're getting a new adaptor shipped to me. Will be here in a couple of days. Guess what? No extra charge. 

So, does that mean that I am completely screwed until the adaptor gets here? No. Because the nice folks at my local Authorized Apple Reseller (not repairs, though), are letting me charge my computer there today. Not one to name names, but if you're in Dawson and looking for a place to go, Software Emporium has some of the nicest people you could ever meet. And tell em the Macanuck sent you. And they'll look at you all puzzled and have no idea what you're talking about and you'll try and explain yourself, and just get them more confused, and it'll be great. 

This raises an issue, though, of the competition between the apple stores and the Authorized Retailers. I can't verify (as they won't answer my question at the Apple store), but I suspect if I walk in with this problem, they'd have a stack of replacement parts in the back. Authorized Repair shops, on the other hand, have to order parts in from Apple. Three weeks might be a little overlong, which might have to do with the fact that this is not a major centre. But do the Apple stores have an advantage in the repair department, because they can carry the stock and the retailers can't? 

Anyway. I've got a new charger on the way, and I'm happy. Now if I can just figure out this iLife issue, I'll be happy....

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