Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Another "There's news happening and it don't affect you"

Roku has got a new $100 set-top box out set to challenge Apple TV by offering movies from Netflix. Click on the movie you want to watch, and this new box will stream the movie to your TV.

Hold it. Stream?

Yes. Stream. As in no hard drive stream. As in "we don't trust you with our precious movies" stream.

As in you st






and it needs to buff


All the f

lipping time.

Okay, so maybe I'm cynical because I live in the land where high speed is promised to be 1 mpbs, but usually ranges down in the 56 K range, and so my experiences with streaming has been less than spectacular. Maybe in San Francisco, this works wonderfully. And they're certainly not targeting the Tumbler Ridge market (Netflix, of course, is not available in Canada. Again, who said that Mac hates Canada? I'm not seeing much love from anyone these days...) so what right do I have to complain. 

But I'd just like to point out to all those people that are predicting that this is the big Apple TV killah....streaming. 

That is all. 

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