Thursday, April 24, 2008

It's the little things...

That make the Mac experience so enjoyable. 
But it is also the little things that really start to get under your skin after a while.

Take for instance, Safari. Safari is a big thing. But it's been doing something since updating to 3.1, possibly before that, but it's really started to get on my nerves over the last few weeks. This has been showing up a lot on message boards, and appears to be a function of a td class, but I haven't really investigated this forensically. All I know is that Safari does this, and Firefox doesn't.This is based on my experiences over at the forums at which is built on a vBullitin board.If you hover over a link, it pops up in a little yellow box, alternate text. 

Here's an example from the board (dedicated to wedding photography):
If you hover over another link, that link's alt text appears:

However, Rather than opening up a thread and reading it, I like to open things up in new tabs all at once, and then go read the threads that I opened. This means I don't have to wait while the thread loads; by the time I get around to reading it, it will have loaded. As it is a photography board, there are often lots of pictures, and I live in the land of slow internet...

However, once I have opened up the first tab, the same alt text appears over top EVERY SINGLE LINK.

And it is not just threads. I can be hovering over the next page link, and the alt text will appear:
I can make it disappear by clicking anywhere that isn't a link. And, once I have done that, the alternate text for the links display properly, but it is an annoying little bug that is starting to drive me batty. And bats eat bugs. So I guess...I'm eating...this bug? Or else the metaphor very quickly breaks down at that point.

Anyone else experience this behavior in other situations? Let me know. 

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