Tuesday, April 15, 2008

They're back, baby!

Apparently, the Psystar Website was hammered into the ground by the digg effect times ten and not by Apple's crack team of lawyers. I guess everyone went to look at the ones who would stand up to Apple, or were maybe just curious as to what a $400 Box that would run Leopard would look like.

They've changed the name of the computer to Open Computer, and made a couple other changes, but they're still offering a computer that can run Leopard on it. They are not dodging the issue as one might have expected by selling a computer capable of running Leopard, but "If you purchase Leopard with your Open Computer we will not only include the actual Leopard retail package with genuine installation disc, but we also preinstall Leopard for free so you can begin to use your computer right out of the box."

There are all sorts of issues around this, not the least of which is what happens the next time Apple updates the system software. While I think the whole X86 thing is interesting, once it leaves the domain of hobbyists, I wonder what will happen. Apple has mostly ignored the X86 project, but now that someone is making a buck, they might not be so nice about it. What they may or may not be able to do is open to speculation, but it should prove to be interesting times for the next few months....

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