Saturday, June 28, 2008

So, what the heck's a hub for, anyway

A little bit of a rant. 

Here's the deal. My Drobo? Doesn't really work properly unless it is plugged directly into my Macbook. My Epson Printer will print if it is hooked up to a Hub, but, because it is not like the 2200 at work, it doesn't tell you on the printer which cartridge to replace. Guess what? The printer utility doesn't recognize the printer unless it is hooked directly into the Macbook. So. That leaves me with my iPod charger, my card reader, and my mouse that are plugged into my hub...except my hub isn't plugged in. 

So, what good is a hub, if half the devices won't work if they are plugged into it?

Sigh. I knew I'd be feeling the limitations of a laptop, I just didn't think I'd be feeling them so soon....

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