Monday, June 9, 2008

...and we're off

Just after 10. Things are happening at WWDC. Don't know what, though. Oooh, this is exciting.

I'm watching Twitter, Macworld, and Mac Rumours. And a clip from Wall-E. (C'mon. Updates don't happen that quickly....)

I'm so excited. Wall-E is *the* movie of the summer. I love Pixar. Boy, that Jobs knows what he's doing. Whoops. Better check the updates. 

10:11 Snow Leopard is official. Last rumour out of the block, first one confirmed.

Here's the official Twitter Feed from Appleinc: "Steve is spewing out numbers about the iPhone SDK and the betas. 

I like that. Steve is "Spewing out numbers." Someone is gonna get fired, I think.

10:20: Yawn. Enterprise iPhone stuff. I am not Disney or a Fortune 500 company. Good to hear that it's doing well, but....

10:22: Someone has a cell phone in the keynote, and is streaming the audio...And they're talking about XCode and simulating the iPhone in your Mac. Whew. I know, it's the WW DEVELOPERS Conference. It's to be expected, but still. New Macs. New Monitors. New iPhone. C'mon Steve (okay, it's not even Steve talking). More STUFF!.

10:36: They're talking apps for the iPhone, dragging up developers to show off stuff. Without the video, it's not very exciting. So far we've had Monkeyball, E-Bay and now Typepad. 

10:44: AP, Pangea...Steve has been strangely absent from this Keynote so far....Twitter has been crushed under the weight of people. The audio stream is working great, though. 

10:47: Some Brit has written a music program or something; it's tough to hear over all the cheering...whatever it is, people seem to like it. 

11:00: An hour in, and they *say* this is the last developer that's going to be paraded. Everyone is going on about how easy it is to develop for. The last one has done some fantasy game in less than two weeks. 

One more round of applause for our developers. Hopefully, we're moving on to stuff...

Feature request from developers that isn't available. Talking about background processes. "This is the wrong solution that some platforms jump to."

What's the iPhone solution? "A Push Notification Service". Third party notification service can push three types of notifications to iPhone.

SDK Update is over. Steve's back on stage. Finally. "A few new features in iPhone 2.0 software."

iWork support, Microsoft Office support. 

Alt, Delete, and Move have been added. 

11:13: Something totally new. Mobile Me. It's like having exchange for the rest of us.

Someone else is up on stage. "Not all of us have exchange servers, but boy, would it be nice to have those services. Now you can."

Mobile Me replaces .mac.

Cost is $99. still isn't live yet, though....

Steve's back. Talking iPhone....

And there you go, 3G network. More countries. "We've sold iPhones in six countries so far, but believe me, they're in use in other countries."

People can't afford iPhone. So, as we arrive at iPhone's first birthday, today we're introducing iPhone....WILD APPLAUSE. Didn't hear what he said.

Showing off iPhone 2.0.

Coming to Canada July 11.

And...we're done. No Mac news. No iPod news. Just iPhone, as he said off the top. 

But boy, is it big news. 

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