Wednesday, June 18, 2008


People lament the movie industry for ruining the books of our youth, so let me be the first to lament the fact that the video game industry has just taken the cycle one step further by ruining the movies of my youth.

Okay, so ruining is perhaps a little strong, but I for one maintain little hope for a game based on Princess Bride. which is one of my all-time favourite movies (hush, Magnus). I love stories and movies and games and comics that take the stereotypes and tweak them or turn them on their ear, and Princess Bride was one of the first to play fast and loose with the stereotypes, though not as fast or as loose as later movies and books. 

When I was a teen, the movie impacted me profoundly. The game? I'm not holding my breath. It's coming out for Mac (June 30th), but if you have the newly released Cross-Over, (or Parallels, or VM Fusion you can play the Windows version now. 

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Harrybear said...

you know its really not bad at all
i got it today for my daughter and its pretty good if you want to try it out before you completely hate it
enter PBG-YVA-13 after you download the trial version