Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Just when you were pissed at Rogers for screwing you...

Bell and Telus decide to join in the fun. Yes, they'll charge $0.15 for incoming text messages. 

Nick24 over at ehmac provides this cost analysis. I was listening to the same MBW, but since he had done the math already, I'll give him props:

I was listening to a Mac Break Weekly and this type of topic (albeit with US carriers) was discussed. Here's some maths - feel free to correct any mistakes....
So, a message costs 15c to send or receive. Each message is 160 bytes.
There are 1048576 bytes in a megabyte. 
You get 1048576/160 messages per megabyte = 6554
Therefore, a megabyte of text messaging data costs 6554*0.15 = $983.

$983/MB. You're looking for something to protest? Baby, here's something for the rest of you to protest.

This is probably just a strong-arm tactic to get you to to subscribe to a text plan, but I mean, really. Bandwidth for text messaging is nearly as expensive as inkjet printer ink....

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