Thursday, April 23, 2009

Tick, tick tick boom

In case you weren't following it, the Newton, Apple's famously erratic PDA, hated by many, loved by a passionate few, is about to die.

Because of the way the clock system is set up, the Newton can only keep time until January 2010. Then...well some people who have set their clocks ahead have reported that the system crashes and needs a hard restore.

The patch which was under development by the community has proven to not be a workable solution, so Newton users are looking at the Calendar worriedly as we slowly make our way to the end of the year. Will this be the end of the plucky Newton? Tune in next week. Better yet, follow the goings on at

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Genghis7777 said...

Thanks for the referral.

Actually, many years ago Avi Drissman developed a patch but never went beyond an alpha test version.

Nobody did much with it until this year when the Y2010 bug started presenting itself.

Now Eckhart Koppen has taken up the challenge. He is a PhD senior group engineer at Nokia. If anyone can do it, he will. I've been testing his patch for 3 weeks now on a test Newton being used as an everyday machine. So far, so good everything's working fine.