Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Deep thoughts, from Magnus S

A friend of mine, a late convert to the iPod revolution (we're still working on getting him off a PC...) has this interesting post about iPods and how they define who we are. Of course, his argument is more about the music held therein rather than the device itself, but interesting reading nonetheless.


Magnus said...

Time has been tight, but I am looking at expanding on that idea. The music defines the person much more than the device, but it is the device that allows us to edit ourselves with such exactness. I think I forgot to include the part about the iPod is something I had always wanted when I was switching from to disc in my discmans - but also how it was something that really does take us away from albums to singles. Anyhow, more meat on dem bones for sure.

BTW, I am not anti-Mac, just short on cash. If Mac wants to sponsor me in my artistic enterprises by giving me a Mac - I'll switch gladly.

also, you really, really need to hear Mastodon's "Crack the Skye" WOOOOOOW!!!

MaCanuck said...

I never said you were anti-Mac, I was just trying to avoid saying you were broke. But if you want to out yourself, that's fine.

Magnus said...

I'z iz a po' po' man