Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Not wanting to speculate, but...

Okay, so there's been all sorts of speculation about bricks and new Apple TV/Mini Hybrids and Touchscreen Macs...

One of the more legitimate rumblings is around an update to the Macbook Pro. The great and glorious leader of the Cult of Mac has posted pictures of a possible design for the Macbook pro, as well as a rumoured ad that will promote them. 

Far be it for me to get into these speculations, but I do find his last couple lines funny: "The ad, however, looks patently fake. As does the tagline: “A blend of beauty meets beastly power.” No Apple copywriter would pen such rubbish."

I have heard this said dozens of times over the last couple years around rumours: "That's ugly, Apple would never."  "That's stupid, Apple would never." "I refuse to believe that this is true, because Apple would never." And I have discovered that there is no depth to what Apple would actually do. 

I mean really. These are the creatives that penned the line "The Funnest iPod Ever." And you're knocking "Beauty meets beastly power"? That's almost Shakespeare in comparison. 

(Note: Leander's comment appears to have already been edited. But it doesn't change my point. We have not yet discovered the depths to which Apple is willing to stoop, creatively.)

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