Thursday, October 9, 2008

Because "Let's Rock" wasn't obvious enough....

People were disappointed at the "Let's Rock" event that the only topic of discussion was music. Even though it was called "Let's Rock." And there was an iPod-like graphic. People were expecting more. 

So, for Apple's next event, for October 14, the invitation reads "The spotlight turns to notebooks."

Because the announcement is going to be about Notebooks. 

That's it. 


Got it? No Mac Pros, no new cameras or iPods or iMacs. 


"Subcompact? Carved out of a brick of alumin..."


"MAybe it'll be a touchscre..."


That's it. Notebooks. 

Yes, there might be something a little different, as they don't usually do announcements for processor bumps, but I'm not expecting much beyond a re-design of the the Macbook. 

And that way, if something else shows up, I won't be disappointed, but pleasantly surprised. And if nothing else shows up?

I told ya so. 

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