Monday, October 6, 2008

CAn you see a difference?

The Victoria School of Business and Technology is not on par with, say, a UBC. Not in quality of education, just in sheer name recognition. 

But the little school of tech is currently embroiled in a legal battle with everyone's favourite Steve's fruity little company because of logos. 

Yes, logos. 

You see, the school (a Microsoft Certified Partner, I feel compelled to note) has a logo in the shape of, well, it looks an awful lot like an apple. 

It's got a stock market/mountain/heart attack jagged peak thing in the middle instead of a bite, and VSBT written in it, too, but Apple's trademark lawyers think that it's close enough to pursue. 

Well, here. See for yourself.

Now, everyone keeps telling me that trademark law is fairly specific in legally requiring a company to go after things like this, because if they don't, the trademark becomes worthless and indefensible. So I'm calling a rote legal challenge here. I don't think Apple cares one way or another which way the courts decide, but legalities must be followed. Boundaries are established. 

The school, I must note, is milking this one for all it is worth. Which is fine. More press. Maybe a few more students. If I was, say, Jonathan Ives, I'd probably laugh at the thought that something as ... busy ... as the VSBT logo was being compared to the Apple Logo. But hey, it's trademark law, and you gotta do what you gotta do. 

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