Thursday, June 18, 2009

Sorry, I think you added a one in there

From Rogers' iPhone announcement:

  • 16GB iPhone 3G: NOW $179 (while supplies last) with a 3-year voice plan greater then $30/month.
  • 8GB iPhone 3G: $199 with a 3-year voice plan greater then $30/month.


Alright. That 8GB 3G for $199? That's the one that's selling down in the states for $99. And it is the same up-front price as a 16GB 3Gs. Either there's a typo there, or they're really trying to drive people to the 3Gs.

The whole point of keeping the 3G around at a lower price point is to open up a whole new market. People who were unwilling to buy a $200 phone will have no such trouble with a $99 phone. If the price on the 3G is EXACTLY THE SAME as for a 3Gs... well, it's not opening up the market. It's not bringing in new customers. It's not really helping sales.

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