Wednesday, June 17, 2009

iPod Touch Update: Is it worth it

While everyone is going off about the new iPhone software, it should be noted that the new software is available for the iPod Touch, too. But unlike the iPhone, which has subscription fees to cover updates, us Touch users have to fork over $9.99

I've got a first gen iPod Touch, and a lot of the updates don't work for it. So, is it worth it to upgrade? Let's look.

Buy Movies, TV Shows and Audiobooks via WiFi.
Internet speeds here are lucky to hit 512 kb. It takes the better part of a day to download a movie. Thanks, but I'll stick to using my computer.

Bluetooth Stereo Headphones
Only 2nd Gen

Peer to Peer Gaming
Only Second Gen

I might be the only one, but I never noticed the lack of cut and paste. Sorry.

Landscape Keyboard
Okay, this is a big one for me. The extra real estate would be pretty cool. But I'm waiting for a keyboard dongle. Now that is a killer device for me.

Spotlight Search
Um. Hmm. Nope. Can't say that I've ever needed to search my iPod. Not enough productivity apps, I suppose.

Shake to shuffle
Cool, but not worth an investment

New Languages
I barely sprechen my mother tongue.

Push Notification
Cool, but again, not something I need.

Parental Controls
Um, in a few years, maybe

Automatic Wi-Fi Log-in
Doesn't it do this already? I've never had any touble

iTunes Store Account Creation
Already have one, thanks.

Wow. I was pretty stoked about the update, but so much of what happened is for the Phone or the second gen touch. I dig the landscape keyboard, but is it enough to upgrade over?

I'll sit and agonize over this for a few days. I'll let you know what I decide to do.

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