Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Bioshock for Mac? Be still my beating heart

Another day, another rumour. This one says that Bioshock might be coming to Mac.

You know. Bioshock. That's the game that came out August 2007 for the X-Box 360, and in July of last year for the PC. 

Colour me jaded, but I really don't think that it's gonna sell. I mean, by the time it comes out, the game will be two years old. Anyone who has any interest in playing the game will have played it already on either of those platforms. Or on Playstation 3, which it is also on. 

The Mac crowd has a reputation for not being big into games, but I think here's a perfect example of why it appears that we're not gamers. Here's an A-list game, making its way to the Mac two years after it was first released. Those of us who are into Macs and gaming gave up in frustration 18 months ago and bought a copy for our X-Box 360, or in my case, for my Brother in Law's X-Box 360. 

When the game comes out, the truly hardcore mac gamers will buy it, but the rest of us will be standing in line waiting for Bioshock II: Sea of Dreams. 

I mean, seriously, how do you expect the Mac to be considered a serious gaming platform when the serious games arrive two years late?

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