Saturday, September 27, 2008

WebKit is the perfect browser

Yes, Webkit is now at 100% against Acid Test, says the Webkit blog. But if you don't trust me, you can download a nightly build and test it yourself.

How do you use webkit? Easy peasy. Download and install like you would a regular application. The application looks like Safari, and feels like Safari, it's just faster. To keep you from confusing it with Safari, though, it has a gold rim around the compass, and always opens to a page that tells you if you are up to date with webkit or if there is a new nightly build.

Of course, the reason for downloading and using nightly builds is to provide feedback. So do report stability issues to the webkit team. 

Thank you. 

PS: In other news, IE is at 14% against Acid Test. You go, big guy. 

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