Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Rogers offering Turn by Turn Navigation

Hey all.
Yeah, I know. Been a while. iPad, blah blah. Still not in Canada.
But here's a new app from Rogers, offering turn by turn navigation.
The app is built on the same engine as the AT&T turn by turn navigator, built by the same company, and is basically the same app, except for the Rogers' Branding. Still, nice to see it come to Canada, at $4.99.
Sorry, did I say $4.99? I meant $4.99 a month. You know, if I lived somewhere with more than twenty roads, I might consider it. If I lived somewhere where Rogers worked, I might consider it. But I don't know that the benefits of turn by turn navigation outweigh the myriad of options (including the built in app) available. At least not $60/year worth of benefit.
As always, don't base your situation on mine. I live in a small town where I tend to navigate not by streets but by who lives at the corner.

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