Tuesday, December 9, 2008

So what's the point, anyway?


I'm starting to get a bit annoyed at Apple. 

You see, they have this great thing called the iTunes store. If you go there, you can buy music, you can buy movies and (in Canada, some really lame) TV shows, and you can rent movies.

It is the latter that is frustrating me. 

As you might have noticed, not every movie on there is available for rent. In fact, the way I think it works is "Movies you don't want to see: Available for rent. Movies you want to see...so sorry. But you can buy that.'

I am not big on owning stuff. It wasn't until I had to buy textbooks for college that I started keeping books, prefering instead to go to the library. 

I wanted to rent Wall-E. Can't online. Had to go to the local video store. I wanted to rent Hancock. Can't online. Still haven't made it to the local video store. Want to see the Dark Knight? Rinse, lather, repeat. 

In the meantime, I could rent Uptown Girls. Or Fred Clause. Or Forgetting Sarah Marshall.

Okay. So it's not as bad as all that. Iron Man and the Incredible Hulk are both available for rent. And I'm thinking that after they've squeezed every dollar they can from selling the Dark Knight, I bet it'll show up in the rental section. 

But for now, I guess I'll just have to walk downtown, in the -22 C blizzard, and see if they've got the movie in. (Oh. Did I mention it was uphill both ways? Or maybe I could call ahead and reserve a copy....)

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Magnus said...

How about using our iPods to fight despots and send protest songs to the PMO?